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Our commitment

  • Our Commitment
    • To listen to our clients
    • To provide robust and competent legal advice in a timely and cost effective manner
    • To provide a warm and welcoming environment to our clients
    • To be available to our clients as much as possible
    • To protect and promote our clients interests and act for them free from compromising influences or loyalties
    • To charge our clients a fee that is fair and reasonable and let them know how and when they will be billed
    • To protect our clients privacy and ensure appropriate confidentiality
    • To treat our clients fairly, respectfully and without discrimination
  • Letter of Engagement

    When you instruct us to undertake any legal work for you, we provide you with a Letter of Engagement. This will set out:

    • The services that we will provide to you
    • The basis on which our fees will be charged, including hourly rates
    • Who will be responsible for your work; and the person who will stand in if they are absent
    • A limitations of liability statement
    • If you agree to the terms of the letter, a form for you to sign and return.

    Included with the Letter of Engagement, we will provide you with our Terms of Engagement which sets out:

    • Fees
    • Disbursements
    • GST
    • Invoices
    • Payment terms and Debt Collection
    • Security
    • Third Parties
    • Confidentiality
    • Termination
    • Retention of Files & Documents
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Duty of Care
    • Trust Account
    • General


    View a copy of our Standard Terms of Engagement

  • Information for Clients
    • Fees
    • Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • Lawyers Fidelity Fund
    • Complaints
    • Persons Responsible for the Work
    • Client Care & Service
    • Limitations on extent of Obligations & Liability

    If you engage us on another matter, we may not send you a further copy of the Terms of Engagement unless they have changed.

    View a copy of our Information for Clients

  • How to keep costs down
    Be prepared to provide us with all the relevant information

    The more you can provide to us at the outset, the quicker we can appreciate the ‘whole picture’. If we ask you for further information, try to provide it promptly.

    Try not to leave things until the last minute

    Urgency usually adds to the cost.

    Do some things yourself

    e.g. liaising with Banks, Insurance Companies and Valuers. But talk with us first so that efforts are co-ordinated.